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Sweet & Salty Reviews: Whispers in the Dark by K.B. Elijah

The Dish Whispers in the Dark is a novella written by K.B. Elijah and published by Black Hare Press as part of a run of ‘underground’ themed short reads. The Sauce Shawn Torosian is trapped for decades in a timeless, deathless prison called the Void. One day, a voice begins to speak to him and Shawn’s mind turns to escape for the first time in twenty years. What follows is a detailed account of his escape. The Sweet Right off the bat, it is easy to feel sympathy for Shawn Torosian. He’s a political prisoner of a war he played only a minor part in, subjected to unthinkable horrors and a mind-numbing eternity in the Void. The fact that he wasn’t just executed is actually instrumental to the plot of this novella. Actually, most of the small details of this story are instrumental to the plot. K.B. Elijah has done an excellent job of leaving breadcrumbs throughout that an eagle-eyed reader will connect to the eventual twists. The world-building is solid and there’s a lot to like about the

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